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My name is Uli and I am a homeopath. I did my training here in England, and I practice from home. I discovered homeopathy when I was working as an intensive care nurse in a homeopathic hospital in Germany.  When I saw how effective homeopathy is, I decided to become a homeopath myself.

I started treating a lady who suffered a heart attack. We started homeopathic treatment three or four weeks after she suffered the attack. The initial MRI scan showed two scars, but after homeopathic treatment the MRI scan showed no scarring of her heart. The main remedy in the case was Craetegus which she was taking for about half a year and it made a huge difference.

For me, working as a homeopath is the perfect career. I can book my own appointments and I can be flexible in terms of working hours.  It integrates well with my family life and  is making a big difference in other people’s lives. It’s just wonderful!

My favourite thing about being a homeopath is, truly, to help other people. You don’t just treat an organ system or a disease: you treat the person.  So when a patient comes to see me, I look at everything. I take everything into account, not just their physical symptoms.  And the homeopathic remedy that is then selected basically covers everything.

Alongside my practice as a homeopath, I lecture at a local homeopathic college, and I always look forward to seeing the students there to help them to become competent homeopaths. It’s a truly exciting and growing industry.  For me, making a living as a homeopath has been totally realistic. Anyone who wants to study homeopathy and thinks, “Hmm… I can’t make a living out of this”– Not true! You can really make a living working as a homeopath.

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