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Nick Taylor DSH RSHom

My name is Nick Taylor, I am a homeopath. I’ve been practising homeopathy for about 23 years and work in a homeopathic clinic in Stroud. I found I was more and more interested in complimentary medicine, so I did a bit of reading. What I saw was that homeopathy was considered to be at the cutting edge of alternative complimentary medicine. I then signed up for the correspondence course from the School of Homeopathy in Devon. Then, I received a big box of books. I put my hand in, picked out one of the books and it was George Vithoulkas’ Medicine of the New Man; a little book, actually. I started reading it and within ten minutes I realised why I wanted to study homeopathy. I have never looked back since that point.

My favourite thing about being a homeopath is seeing the difference that homeopathy can make in people’s lives. I have had the privilege of seeing families I treat growing up with homeopathy. I love working with children in particular, and because I have been practicing many years I have seen children growing up solely on homeopathy and seeing how healthy and vibrant these children are. It’s such a broad and deep subject that you can carry on studying and learning. It never stops really because in one way its just the study of life and human behaviour.  That’s what makes it so fascinating and interesting.

It’s absolutely possible to make a good living from homeopathy.  I managed to create a thriving practice. You can be flexible with your career in homeopathy. You can go all out and do it full time, or you can do it part time if that suits you more. Maybe you other have family commitments or something else you really love doing, or you are away a lot. You can fit it around your life as it suits you.

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