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Hilary Dorrian Lic Ac LCH DHt

My name is Hilery Dorrian, and I am a homeopath. I started my career as an acupuncturist nearly 35 years ago and after qualifying as an acupuncturist, I realised that there was perhaps a gap in my practice.  So, I chose to study homeopathy, and once I started practicing, that was it; I fell in love with homeopathy. Now, 95 percent of my practise is homeopathy.

Homeopathy is 200 years old. It’s a kind, gentle, safe and effective form of medicine. Because it is considered by so many people worldwide as their primary health care, I think the benefits of homeopathy speaks for itself.

I think people interested in working in healthcare should train in homeopathy because it’s a fascinating and interesting subject, it’s a brilliant career choice, and because it’s a great way to help people.

I recently met with a little girl with very, very severe eczema, who after two months on homeopathic remedies is hugely better.  It’s a real journey becoming a practitioner, and a very, very rewarding one.  You’re constantly learning and you’re helping to make a difference in the world while earning money. I studied and began practising homeopathy when my children were young and now I can still fit my practise around my children. I love being self-employed, working the days and times I choose. Homeopaths can practise in many different ways and locations to suit their needs. Many  homeopaths practise from their own homes while some do visits to their patient’ homes. Some homeopaths work in multi-disciplinary practices with osteopaths. It’s very flexible. Making a living out of homeopathy is a very real option. When you begin your practise after graduation, you work hard like anyone else who is self employed, but once patients feel themselves become healthier, some of them become quite evangelistic about homeopathy. They tell other people and before you know it you will have a thriving practice.

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