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Homeopath: 10 Homeopaths 
Duration: 2m 07s
Description: 10 homeopaths share insights into their life and work as a homeopath. Each is filmed in their own clinical settings giving a feel of what it is like to run your own practice.

Movie sponsored by:
Homeopathy Course Providers Forum and all the sponsors listed below

Homeopath: Kiran Grover LCHE RSHom
Duration: 2m 51s
Description: I’m Kiran Grover and I am a practicing homeopath in London.  I work for a multidisciplinary clinic.

Movie sponsored by:
Society of Homeopaths

Homeopath: Jenny Grist DSH RSHom
Duration: 2m 20s
Description: I’m Jenny Grist and I’m a homeopath.   I’ve been qualified for thirteen years, and I have been practicing in my home in Devon all that time.

Movie sponsored by:
School of Homeopathy

Homeopath: Dr Helen Beaumont MBChB MRCGP DRCOG FFHom
Duration: 2m 18s
Description: I’m Dr Helen Beaumont and I’m a homeopathic physician. I started off really in general practice but now I do mainly homeopathy. I’m passionate also about education so I’m a teacher of homeopathy in Bristol.

Movie sponsored by:
Faculty of Homeopathy

Homeopath: Liliana Bellini LCHE MARH
Duration: 2m 33s
Description: My name is Liliana Bellini and I have been a homeopath for 11 years. I chose a career in homeopathy because 16 years ago we lost somebody very special and very close in our family. And through the grief and the pain, something started to grow within me.

Movie sponsored by:
Centre for Homeopathic Education

Homeopath: Hilary Dorrian Lic Ac LCH DHt
Duration: 2m 22s
Description: My name is Hilery Dorrian, and I am a homeopath. I started my career in homeopathy actually as an acupuncturist nearly 35 years ago.

Movie sponsored by:
Centre for Homeopathic Education

Homeopath: Nick Taylor DSH RSHom
Duration: 2m 21s
Description: My name is Nick Taylor, I am a homeopath. I’ve been practising homeopathy for about 23 years and work in a homeopathic clinic in Stroud.

Movie sponsored by:
School of Homeopathy

Homeopath: Jo Ketteman RGN RM LCH MARH
Duration: 2m 02s
Description: I am Jo Ketteman, I am a homeopath. I trained as a homeopath after previously working as a nurse and a midwife.

Movie sponsored by:
The Alliance of Registered Homeopaths

Homeopath: Max Mainini LCPH MARH
Duration: 2m 30s
Description: My name is Max Mainini, I studied to be a hotel manager in my teens and in my mid thirties I wanted to make a career change. I was looking to find something that would actually make a real difference in peoples lives.

Movie sponsored by:
College of Practical Homeopathy

Homeopath: Sarah Hemsley DSH RSHom
Duration: 2m 43s
Description: My name is  Sarah Hemesley, and I am a registered homeopath. I have been a homeopath for over 25 years.  Previously I was in mental health and found it stressful and unfulfilling.

Movie sponsored by:
Helios Homeopathic Pharmacy

Homeopath: Uli Holzer LSECH MSCH MARH
Duration: 2m 12s
Description: My name is Uli and I am a homeopath. I did my training here in England, and I practice from home. I discovered homeopathy when I was working as an Intensive care nurse in a homeopathic hospital in Germany.

Movie sponsored by:
Southern College of Homeopathy

Homeopath: Sue Smith
Description: As a graphic designer I was used to telling stories through my work; now as a homeopath, I listen to them. Trying to uncover a patient’s story requires a similar skill-set I think but I see my role as looking for the… read more.

Homeopath: Sonaz Taleghani
Description: I am currently half way through a four-year foundation course studying astrology at the World of Light Clinic which is affiliated to the School of Shamanic Homoeopathy in London… read more.

Homeopath: Katja Behrens
Description: I was born in Berlin and spent 10 years of my life working as an actress in the theatre until I trained as a cranial sacral therapist and physiotherapist. I moved to England to study homeopathy… read more.

Homeopath: Jenny Grist
Description: I work five days a week out of two practices. I live on a rural farm so the patients that come here are from the local area which means they don’t have to travel into town. My other practice… read more

Homeopath: Charlotte Johansenberg
Description: In my previous life I worked in the commercial world of genetic testing and eventually started working for a large pharmaceutical company, it seems a million years ago now… read more.

Homeopath: Amanda Biggs
Description: I have been a cranial sacral therapist and Shamanic worker for 10 years and homeopathy kind of crept up on me throughout this time I think. I hadn’t experienced homeopathy for myself… read more.

The HCPF would like to thank the generous support of the sponsors that helped to make these movies possible:

Alliance of Registered Homeopaths
British Homeopathic Association
Centre of Homeopathic Education
College of Practical Homeopathy
Helios Homeopathic Pharmacy
School of Homeopathy
Society of Homeopaths
Southern College of Homeopathy

And Mani Norland, Principal at the School of Homeopathy for leading the project and Creative Direction, and Lindsey Puddifant for her generous contribution to assist with media training and interviewing.