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About Us

Historically HCPF emerged from the influence of a smaller group representing the course providers – The Council for Homeopathy Colleges (CHC). CHC came into being in response to a vacuum in the organisation which was reviewing the regulation of the profession – the Council of Organisations Registering Homeopaths (CORH).

One of the professional registers was so concerned that homeopathic education was having no say in CORH’s proceedings that they called a meeting of the colleges in Birmingham in the late 1990s. By the end of 1999 CHC had formed itself and obtained places on CORH council and its working groups.

CHC brought about many changes in the proposed regulation that, among other things, lead to the formation of an independent yet highly influential forum for all the training organisations – the Homeopathy Course Providers Forum.

HCPF has a formal constitution agreed by all its members. Regular meetings are well attended in London five times a year. You can find a directory of the member organisations on this site.

If you wish to read more about these early years please click the link here:

The Evolution of HCPF